AT THE DAY OF ARRIVAL (September 2, 2007) LOC organizes the transport for participants from Moscow and International airport Sheremetyevo – II to “Zvenigorodsky” pension. 


From Moscow: LOC bus departs at 3.00 p.m. from the square in front of the Kievskii railway station (exit from metro station “Kievskaya” in the direction to the railway station). The place of meeting at the square is near to the tower at the right side of the station (see photograph below).




From Sheremetyevo - II airport: the bus will depart around 7.00 p.m. In the arrival hall the participants will be met by the LOC member with the poster “EMS-07” in hands.     


How to reach the Zvenigorodskii pension by your own: 


а) From Moscow to the pension   


Public transport (bus N 452) between metro staion “Kuntsevskaya” (Blue Line) and “Zvenigorodskii “ pension. The exit from the last coach of the train moving from the centre: the bus stop is opposite to the petrol station.  


Bus schedule:     7.10,  7.55, 8.25, 9.00, 9.25, 10.15, 11.00, 11.40, 12. 30, 13.15, 14.00, 14. 35, 15. 25, 16.10, 17.40, 18.10, 18.35, 19.00, 19.30, 20.30, 21.30.


One should get off at the bus stop “Pension Zvenigorodskii” (the way time is approximately   1 hour 5 min., the ticket price is 60 Rbl), then by foot to the pension (5 minutes along the forest road) 


б) From International airport Sheremetyevo - II  to the metro


One can take the mini-bus № 48 from Sheremetyevo - II to the nearest metro station “Rechnoy Vokzal” (this mini-bus stop is opposite to the Arrival exit). The way time is about 20 min., the ticket price- 40 Rbl)


AT THE DAY OF DEPARTURE (September 8, 2007) the bus will pick up the participants from the pension to Moscow (metro station “Kievskaya”). The departure time – 5.30. p.m.